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Diagnostic Evaluation

We value a collaborative and strengths-based treatment approach.  During your assessment we will carefully review your symptoms in their context, including your developmental history, medical history, genetic predispositions and contributing psychosocial stressors.  This comprehensive approach leads to a better understanding of the patient's presentation and better treatment outcomes.

For pediatric patients, an initial evaluation consists of three sessions.  The initial visit is attended by parents to gather clinical information about the child’s development and temperament, to review current symptoms and challenges in functioning academically, socially and behaviorally. The second visit is attended by the child or teen (parents may join, if this increases patient comfort) to understand the child’s development, communication style, symptom presentation and perspective.  During the third visit, your provider will share their clinical impressions and treatment recommendations with the family.


For young adult patients, an initial evaluation consists of two to three sessions, depending on whether parents are involved in evaluation and treatment planning.

Medication Management with Therapy

Most medication follow-up appointments are scheduled monthly for 25 minutes.  Frequency of appointments may be spaced out further if symptoms are stable.  When first starting treatment, actively titrating medications, or during a period of worsening symptoms, your provider may ask to see you more frequently or for a longer appointment to help you achieve your treatment goals as quickly as possible.  We incorporate elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, supportive therapy, and psychoeducation into medication management appointments. To better accommodate the shortage of child and adolescent psychiatrists, we are unable to provide therapy-only services at this time and should not be considered a replacement for an individual weekly therapist.

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